Interline Trips

All of Boston Express’ motor coaches are equipped with lifts and securement areas for mobilities devices. Boston Express does not require advance notice from passengers who need to use the lift for access into the bus, although it is appreciated if possible. However, passengers who are planning on an interline trip (changing from a Boston Express bus to a bus operated by another company) beyond Boston Express’ fixed-route system are advised of the following:

Small, fixed route, over-the-road carriers, not inclusive of Boston Express, may require a 48-hour advance notice in order to provide an accessible bus and, if there are less than 48 hours when booking the trip, there is a possibility that an accessible bus may not be available at the transfer point in order for passengers to complete the subsequent leg of their trip. Boston Express will make every attempt to notify smaller carriers as soon as it is known that lift services are needed for boarding at these transfer points.