Unaccompanied Child Policy

Children under 7 years of age may not travel alone; an adult must travel with them. Children 8-15 years old may travel alone only under the following conditions: The origin agency must be open at the departure time and the destination agency must be open at arrival time. There will be no pick-ups or drop-offs at flagstops. Trips must not exceed 5 hours and must be made during daylight hours. Transfers are not permitted. The adult at the destination must provide a photo I.D. showing that they are the person identified on the “Unaccompanied Child Form” before the child is released. The child must pay the adult fare. An adult must drop-off the child and an adult must be waiting to meet the child upon arrival. For children 12 or younger, a parent or legal guardian must fill out and sign an “Unaccompanied Child Form,” which releases Boston Express Bus from any responsibility.